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Technology Problems?

Technology Problems

Looking for great IT service and support?
Need someone to come to your home office?
I am your “technology expert” the person to call when your computer breaks down, when your phone freezes, when your machine or software needs to be upgraded, when viruses attack even when you’re about to throw your deviceout the window.



  • Are you having trouble choosing what devices to purchase – desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet ?
  • Not sure what to buy?
  • Is your technology slowing you down? or Perhaps you have new tasks to complete and need a more powerful computer, more memory, an enhanced graphics card , or additional SSDS hard drives to back up your information

I can troubleshoot, set-up and install any hardware you have. I can also sort through your technical requirements, recommend a solution, help select a vendor to buy from, provide a quote, and lastly install the system to meet your customized needs.