About Me


I was born and raised in a small country town in Ireland. After studying and working in Ireland, I moved to the United States where I still reside. I am an avid basketball fan, a computer geek and a people person.


I graduated high school in 1987 and attended the Dublin Institute of technology where I graduated in 1990 with an Associates degree in Computer Science. I also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University College Dublin in 1996 and a MSc from Goldsmith’s University in London in 1997.


I began working in the Insurance Industry as a programmer in 1990. I moved into Networking and PCs as well as mainframe programming. In 1993, I went into business by myself – programming, training, and designing – where I worked with a wide range of individuals with different organizations from farmers to big business, NGOs and technology companies. In 1997 I emigrated to the United States having taken a full time job within the financial industry here in Pennsylvania. After 7 years I set up shop for myself…. StepKnows.

Type of Work

My clients range from individuals to small and medium sized business but  I also work with non-profits and larger companies too. My goal is to help – install, train and follow up.